People keep just “changing their mind.”

So, should we just ban music so that no one gets jealous?  You want to turn all the attractive people into movie stars.  So, that’s like they never did music.  Some people claim it’s to indulge them to have more time and not have to work neither.  They do this to accomplished people, unless you’re, like, in an office setting and a workoholic; then, it’s one of those things because what makes them unique is the fact that they work,

People say work can be good or bad, but, if you are successful and like your work, no one has to feel like what they do is work, at all; no one, then, in some way, has the right to complain.

Hey, that goes into the supposed “free ride” monetarily in the US be rich to be in Hollywood, and I’ve spoken some of what else went wrong in that mentality.  Some people are more at home in other ways.  Hollywood is getting sad.  I mean, a lotta cool people already do things like play classical music and for some reason or another don’t quit and maybe don’t want to quit.  People who seem to cause trouble keep exploiting people who seem to be more of a feeling type, like, “Oh, everyone stop and don’t say anything. All these emotional people have to be movie stars.”  I’m not like that.  I know that maybe there are more things to say.  It’s not like snap and you did it.  Some famous people have been disgraced, like all the Presidents.  A lot of actors are overrated and seem depressed.  The thing is people are thinking everyone is equal, whether or not they act.  Some people disagree.  I bet people aren’t ready to expose themselves and there aren’t enough opportunities for everyone to meet people online.


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