“Time to Come In?”

Why do people born during Late Boom and Generation Z always act like they have to say to their elders, “Oh, alright, I’ll be stimulated.  See?  I did it.”  However, people think I “got away with” something bad if I start to at least enjoy life.  What makes me happy gets taken away.

I’ve come to a conclusion about dwelling on me being a waste of time.  I mean, sure, sometimes some people are interested in inquiring about or looking at me.  Something else sad is even if I get attention, in the end I still don’t fit in and feel like I’m nothing and don’t deserve anything, according to other people.  I’ve cherished some things in my life, but, then again, there’s other things; maybe, after “whatever that just was,” the “real” stuff happens.  How do they plan to restrain me? or “How do I get out of this mess?”

It might not seem like something to dwell on.  It might really be wrong, tho, because everything isn’t right in every light.  It is also something to talk about.  When people address me, they address me like that, like something that isn’t right in every light.  They address me as someone who does not have all they’ve aspired to have, but others had other hindrances that they want to use to say it’s not fair I “made it, in the end.”


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