A Secret Reason

I bet Jewish people were terrorized because of jealousy.

Don’t you get jealous of how smart Latin Americans are?

I guess in the end it all traces back to Africa, though, moreso for darker races.

Maybe, they killed the Jews like Jesus was killed by Italians.  Germany has Italian blood.  Very unfortunately, patterns like this make their mark in people’s lives, in big ways.

Hey, I saw on TV Hitler younger.  Anyway, there was a clip of him with a blonde girl around age 5.  He was sitting down and she was coming like to between his legs and he was touching her.  He smiled, like she was obviously lucky.  It’s like they think the Jews make these things not happen.  In the US, we just take it as an accident that happens that’s not that serious I think.  I grew up thinking I was Native American, for discipline I think.

I wonder how/if the Nazis, not just Hitler, had ideas brewing about other races like the immigrants to the US shot down the indians.  It’s too bad this “got out of hand.”  Apparently, some races need to be more careful.

I’m guessing I’m inferior because I’m not all German etc.  That discipline that I was Native American indian to cover what I really am.  Too bad.  It would have been nice to know how I was racially, in different ways that weren’t known or told.  I know our records were burnt down in a building.  That’s too bad.  I think I have German-American from the Northeast US from the late 1600s.  You know, it was neat in school how they showed us the pretty pictures in the books and we did all the decorations and dressing up sometimes.  I thought I appreciated it more, but sometimes people don’t seem to like me no matter what I do.

Anyway, people being racist is unacceptable, but people are starting to accept it in some form.  They don’t accept you yet still waste the time to judge you.  If the Nazis didn’t have time and and did away with other people, it seems they could have helped them like we get the ads on TV for us to individually pay to help poor minorities in foreign lands.  Did you know China/Asia was not considered part of a minority race because their countries are so big with so many people?  It was also accepted as white.

As for it being about jealousy, it seems that popular people oughta look out because it’s sometimes the successful people who make others jealous and bother them or even come to commit crimes on them.  It’s not bad people who get hurt all the time.


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