I realized something that keeps coming to me.  Why would I be upset if someone I care a lot about has something good happen to them, in some way?  I just “wanted to make sure” I wasn’t someone at fault.


4 thoughts on ““Disappointment?”

  1. I think its something that we all deal with at some point or another. Sometimes when things are going so well in our own lives or when we’re being impatient about something we’re waiting on to happen, seeing someone else reaping good in theirs lives can upset us, only because it makes us remember that our situation is not giving us that kind of happiness. Yet at least. Great question.

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    1. I just don’t understand how it is so important now and sorta used for entertainment but as being a problem. I thought life had things you wanted to do in them. It seems big in both good and bad ways. I can’t blame too many people, tho. It seems like it’s getting what would be considered as worse for me personally, continuously.

      I know it seems wrong and a waste to even consider. That kinda solves it, to say too bad. It’s too bad for me, but people just end up helping make it worse or it gets worse on their own … which is it?

      I can’t get some things back, but I shouldn’t have to suffer more when it was not meant to be this way.

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      1. The suffering ends with you. We cant do anything about what we did or didn’t do yesterday. We can only do something about today, and sometimes thinking about it instead of just doing what we know we should be doing burns away time that we could be using to go after what we want. Life has things we want to do in them but we have to take the initiative and finding what it is that we want to do, and just make the decision to do it. When we look at others lives, we take our focus away from what we could be doing. If it doesn’t serve you to look to your left or right, then just stay focused on whats in front of you.

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        1. People are weird. I was humble to be good. However, people wouldn’t stop bothering me and claimed they were just giving me attention and that I should now be made to do things in more servile ways, like I’m spoiled from being bothered with attention. I guess I don’t have a real problem, then, if I never misused attention to begin with. I like to be patient, anyway, like Raven on Teen Titans, which I dressed up as as a last minute costume I got made for kids.

          So, I have things like playing violin. I also have a social life, tho, and that’s where my problem lies. I am already fixed to blog about how life is unfair. I could be in a poor factory with a job doing one thing all day, or I could be President of the US. If I am not in a position of respect with the middle class, I could be in trouble.

          Yea, I keep being told I want something I lost in a social situation dealing with concrete things. I try to cheer others on. Some things are too funny and other things are too bad.


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