I hope that life doesn’t go downhill for me.


4 thoughts on ““Inquiry?”

    1. I’m in a situation I haven’t addressed identity to. I know this person isn’t up to snuff with most people, some ways, that come up to me as a wild Joker or something. I know they are intelligent and frustrated that things are sensitive. However, she is popular and goes with the flow, and I’m upset at some of the things she sees in me.

      You’re right, that’s another marble to pick up, that you can always do something very good and expect it to reap the reward for things like self control and the popular issue of patience.

      There’s a lot of things you could talk about in my situation with these things, ideas.

      “I believe the children…” This is a common belief, just to use children to bring peace among nations, in some virtual form of reality.

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      1. Well I’ll say this much. It doesn’t matter what she sees in you. No one will ever truly know you enough to see you as you truly are. She sees you from her own perspective which is more than likely flawed. Popular people are liked because they’re the best at making everybody like them. There isn’t really any true authenticity in that, because they aren’t truly being true to themselves. If she likes you, its probably for the wrong reasons, so forget about how she sees you. The only thing that matters is what you see in yourself and how you think about you. I hope this helps.

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        1. Right, it doesn’t matter she sees me as “un-ideal” generation-wise.

          Right, time is going by, and people won’t “know” the real me, anyway.

          Right, isn’t she another good person, like anyone else? not different in bad ways?

          Right, people get popular like a baby on its first birthday.

          Right, it’s not a valid reason to risk morality.

          Right, she probably sees me as not as good as people from other families.

          Right, I see myself as being “on an adventure.”

          I kinda accept that it’s too bad and feel glum, but I guess my problem is ignoring social problems, like how it is around other people.

          I’m interested in why people think I am a failure next to her or why they have to all listen to this belief. They already go through those motions without/before this situation, very popularly. I bet no one can find true fault in me. I know I can’t find true fault in you.


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